Development agencies at home and abroad who desire to make a real contribution to poverty reduction in Bangladesh and see virtue in the promotion of small and ultra-small enterprises to generate employment to that end, have the best option in joining hands with MIDAS.

What We Do

What We Do

MIDAS carries out, as part of its enterprise and socio economic development initiative, studies and research on a regular basis. These studies and research serve as a practical guide and a useful tool for productive investment and decision making. This program of MIDAS includes:

  • a   Market survey
  • b   Socio-economic study
  • c   Sub-sectoral analysis
  • d   Baseline survey
  • e   Market testing of products
  • f    Project Monitoring and Evaluation study
  • g   Business Plan preparation / Feasibility Study
  • h   Diagnostic study
  • i    Sick industry rehabilitation study
  • j    Action research, etc.

MIDAS has so far conducted more than 1200 studies and research. The major clients for these services are:

Donor / International Agencies:

UNDP, The World Bank, DANIDA, The Asia Foundation, ICDDR-B, The Ford Foundation, UNICEF, ESCAP, ILO, USAID, UNFPA, GTZ, IDE, NORAD, WIF, Technonet Asia, IVS, CIDA, ITDG, Katalyst, Swisscontact, Save the Children International, Stromme Foundation, SABINCO, International Consultancy Group (ICG) of Australia, European Commission, JOBS, etc

Government Agencies:

BIDS, BRDB, BSEC, BCIC, JMS under Ministry of Women and Children Affairs, Sonali Bank, Bangladesh Bank, Investment Corporation of Bangladesh, PKSF

Private organisations /Multinational Companies/ NGOs :

BTC, Bangladesh Development Group, Social marketing Company, MCC, YWCA, RDRS, BRAC, IPDC, CARITAS, PACT-Bangladesh, PROSHIKA, Rahimafrooz (BD) Ltd, Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd., Bachte Shekha, BEXIMCO, SMC, etc