Development agencies at home and abroad who desire to make a real contribution to poverty reduction in Bangladesh and see virtue in the promotion of small and ultra-small enterprises to generate employment to that end, have the best option in joining hands with MIDAS.

Mission, Vision and Objective


To be front-line business development service provider in Bangladesh.


To help generation of employment to reduce poverty and promote socio-economic development.


MIDAS is committed to the development of a sound and rapidly growing micro, small and medium enterprise sector in Bangladesh. Accordingly, it aims at:

  • Countinuously developing its institutional capability to operate on self-sustainable basis.
  • Serving as a catalytic force for the growth of micro, small and medium-scale business enterprizes in the country.
  • Facilitating capacity building of micro, small and medium enterprizes and promoting organizations.
  • Developing entrepreneurship and helping entrepreneurs to seek and explore new business opportunies.
  • Identifying promising micro, small and medium scale enterprise by providing financial, managerial and technical assistance.